About fitsmi Inc.

The gold standard in online behavior modification.

In the U.S. alone there are now over 78 million adults and 11 million children considered overweight or obese. As these numbers continue to grow so will the numbers of patients who are prescribed drugs and other treatments to combat obesity and its associated co-morbidities.

fitsmi Inc. (fitsmiinc.com) brings the human touch to behavioral health technology with customized online group coaching programs. These programs are sold to wellness providers and to pharmaceutical and medical devices makers whose products treat obesity and its co-morbidities. For these products, behavior modification is as important as the medicine.

In digital health, it’s becoming increasingly clear that apps and wearables alone are not enough to sustain behavior change and patient engagement over the long-term. fitsmi’s live weekly coaching by Registered Dietitians is high-touch, interactive, and personal. Participants interact with their coaches (and each other) regularly through online message boards and 1:1 through fitsmi’s behavioral tracking app.

The effectiveness of live group coaching has been proven in clinical settings and research. These programs, the “gold standard” in behavior modification, are successful due to the regular motivation and peer support provided in weekly group meetings with a professionally trained leader. fitsmi is a first mover in taking these elements into an online form that is scalable, convenient, and effective.

Over the past two years, fitsmi has demonstrated this success in an online group-coaching program created for overweight teen girls (fitsmi.com). The participants have lost inches and weight and have experienced long lasting behavioral change and increased self-esteem.

fitsmi’s coaching programs are scientifically validated and built in collaboration with our outstanding team of medical advisors, leading experts in nutrition, psychology, fitness and obesity treatment. Our executive team comes from the fields of medicine, wellness, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and digital media. They bring creativity and media savvy that distinguish fitsmi’s digital health services from any others on the market.