What parents and
teens are saying about fitsmi coaching:

“I would love to thank everyone at fitsmi! I can’t believe how participating in this program has kick-started the success I’m having now. I owe it to you guys for helping me find the motivation in myself. I feel like a brand new person and I feel I can do anything!” Tanairi

age 16, Coaching Participant

“I think this an amazing way to unite and share the things that work..and the things that don’t. I have never been more motivated in my life to make lifestyle changes inside and out!!” Allison

Parent, Member of fitsmiforMoms.com

“I love this program and I learned so much. We have made a lot of changes and my son slimmed down as a result.” Kate

Participant in Parent Coaching

“fitsmi’s coaching program is totally unique. School health classes just don’t teach this stuff. I have more energy now and my pants aren’t tight anymore.” Abby

age 14, Coaching Participant

“Some of the tips can apply to you for the rest of your life, and I like that. I like that I’m learning to live a good, healthy life, which will stick with me forever.” Kate

age 17, fitsmi Member

“I certainly feel more aware of my actions now than I used to. I’m finding more motivation to try to eat right and exercise. The biggest help for me was the food portion and daily recommendation sheets. I refer to those all the time.” Samantha

age 15, Coaching Participant

“I never felt as in control and successful with my weight loss before joining fitsmi Group Coaching. I feel more responsible about the choices I make in regards to my health (i.e. what foods will do for me in the long run, how much a walk will really help me out, etc.). My coach Holly is always encouraging me to keep moving forward. I’ve found it’s easier to have confidence in myself because she has confidence in me.” Kayla

age 15, Coaching Participant

“Thank you so much for giving my daughter this amazing opportunity. You have no idea how huge this is..my daughter has so many body image issues. Being in your program has given her such positive reinforcement. She seems to be at a better place. Thank you for all you do to motivate her and other teens!!!!” Janet

Parent of Coaching Participant